Expert and Fast Towing in New Tecumseth

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Rain or shine, 24/7 car towing in New Tecumseth, Ontario
Rain or shine, 24/7 car towing in New Tecumseth, Ontario

"Respect for the customer" Our company credo

Downtown New Tecumseth by New Tecumseth Towing
Downtown New Tecumseth by New Tecumseth Towing

Welcome to New Tecumseth Towing

We are a professionally licensed and insured Tow Truck company and we are dedicated to providing friendly, quick and expert towing services in the New Tecumseth region. We are committed to taking care of your vehicle with the utmost care and attention. We'll treat your car just like we treat ours! Whether you need a tow to your mechanic or emergency roadside assistance, we are here for you!

New Tecumseth towing service 24/7, rain, snow or shine
New Tecumseth towing service 24/7, rain, snow or shine

What our towing service can do for you

Day or night, rain, snow or shine, New Tecumseth tow trucks are ready for dispatch to help you with all your towing and roadside assistance needs. We are the only number you need to call if you find yourself experiencing vehicle difficulties. We are equipped to solve all of these following needs:

** Emergency 24/7 car towing, van towing or SUV towing. If your car won't start, or you get stranded on the highway, call us and we'll send out an experienced tow truck operator to help you with all your towing needs. If you have been involved with an accident, let us know and we'll be on our way with a tow truck specialist! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the information you need before calling us.

*****Warning*****: the Globe and Mail reported of unscrupulous tow trucks ("pirates") patrolling busy highways like the 401, looking for motorists in trouble. They monitor the traffic radio and show up unannounced, ready to take advantage of your situation. DO NOT USE them!

Towing is poorly regulated in Ontario and different municipalities have different rules (sometimes no rules) applying to tow trucks. This means that these pirates can tow your car to a bodyshop that pays them the highest commission, not the dealership that you want. In 1 case, a tow truck towed a lady's vehicle more than 70 km away from where she wanted. The lack of regulation also means they can charge whatever they want, and hold your vehicle until you pay. And they can pad the bill with outrageous fees like an arrival fee (for showing up), an inspection fee (for looking over your car), hook up fee (for connecting your car to the tow truck) and storage fees (when they store your vehicle). And if you object, then they hold your car hostage until you pay them an outrageous amount.

Needless to say, this behaviour of certain tow truck companies is totally unacceptable and we refuse to engage in unsavory business practices. We are part of the community - sometimes we tow our neighbours, friends or even ex-classmates. We firmly believe customers calling us in their time of need should be treated with respect!

** Vehicle recovery service: if your car, truck or SUV is trapped in a ditch, snow bank, mud or snow, then we can help! Call us and our vehicle recovery experts will carefully retrieve your vehicle with our specialized winch-out equipment.

** Flatbed truck for transport: Rear wheel drive cars, like BMWs or sports cars, have to be transported on a flatbed truck or they risk getting damaged by typical towing methods. We use hydraulics to raise and lower the flatbed, so that your vehicle stays safe and damage free during loading, transport and unloading.

** Battery dead? Especially common after you come back from winter in Florida or if your battery is old (more than 5 years). If you need a jump start anywhere in the New Tecumseth region, call us and we'll be on our way with a tow truck. So you can get back to what you needed to do for the day!

** ** Tire blowout? You just never know when it's going to happen. If it happens on a busy road or highway, slow down, turn on your hazards then guide your car to the side. Call us, and don't get out of the vehicle for your safety. Now just sit back and relax. We will get to your location quickly with a replacement so you can be on your way.

** Ran out of gas? Happens to the best of us! Sometimes life can be so crammed with stuff to do and it's easy to forget the little stuff. Call us and we will deliver the fuel you need to get to the next gas station. Tow truck service just when you need it!

** Locked out of your car? Or lost your car keys? We can provide quick and affordable car lockout service, without damaging your vehicle.

** If you own a private commercial property with parking spots, then it can be really annoying when other drivers use it without your permission. Set up a warning sign and then when someone occupies your spots again, give us a call and we'll tow the offender out. You don't have to tolerate drivers who take your spot!

Flatbed towing service, by New Tecumseth Towing
Flatbed towing service, by New Tecumseth Towing

Why Choose Us

When it comes to towing services in New Tecumseth, we know you have options and we're very grateful for your business. Here's why you should choose us:

  • FAST: We are based in New Tecumseth so there's no delay or drivers getting lost. We know the region! Call our operators and you'll get the help you need with no delay!

  • PROFESSIONAL: We will treat your vehicle with the utmost care and ensure its safely towed. We make sure you reach home safely and your vehicle is towed to the mechanic or dealership of your choice.

  • AFFORDABLE: We offer competitive rates with NO compromise on the quality of service. You WON'T be surprised by hidden charges and unexpected costs.

New Tecumseth support team, one of the leading towing companies in New Tecumseth Ontario
New Tecumseth support team, one of the leading towing companies in New Tecumseth Ontario

Let us know this information in advance:

  • Your vehicle description (e.g. 2018 Honda Odyssey).

  • WHAT problem you're encountering.

  • WHERE you are: try to accurately describe your location - the nearest intersection, or landmark.

  • DESTINATION: tell us which trusted mechanic or dealership you wish the vehicle to be towed to.

Our operator will give you an estimate of the charges of the towing service and when you can expect the tow truck to arrive. If you're on a highway or busy road, be CAREFUL if you have to step out of the vehicle! Or you can sit back and relax, let us do our job so you can get back to what you were doing.

When you call,

Just had a serious accident? Here's what to do:
  1. Take a few deep breaths and remain calm.

  2. Check for injuries to yourself or your passengers. If it is safe, then turn on your hazard lights, step outside and check if the other driver is OK. You must help anyone whose life is in danger.

  3. Call 9-11 immediately: explain your location and any injuries. Follow all directions and do not move the victims, if they are injured. 9-11 will dispatch emergency personnel to your location. By law, you must stay at the scene of an accident, even for a small collision.

  4. If you're in a safe location, take pictures of both vehicles and the surrounding location, in case you need to provide them to your insurance. If there are witnesses, get their contact information. Always take photos before moving the vehicles.

  5. When it is safe, move your vehicle onto the shoulder. If you cannot move it, then turn on your hazard lights or set up flares or cones if possible. Watch out for traffic!

  6. While your memory is still fresh, write down what you remember of the accident.

  7. If you and the other driver are both uninjured, then exchange details with the other driver. At the very least, you must get their names/address, their driver's license number, car license plate, color and model of vehicle and contact/insurance information.

  8. Do not discuss fault with the other driver. This is up to the insurance adjuster who will evaluate the accident.

Fender Bender on towing dolly, by New Tecumseth Towing
Fender Bender on towing dolly, by New Tecumseth Towing

About New Tecumseth Towing

New Tecumseth Towing is a trusted towing company serving the New Tecumseth region of Ontario, Canada. With years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for providing friendly, expert and fast towing services. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Whether you need a tow or roadside assistance, we are here to assist you. Contact us today for all your towing needs!

  • Emergency 24/7 towing of cars, vans and SUVs

  • Flatbed truck transport

  • Vehicle recovery service

  • Dead battery jump - no problem!

  • Ran out of gas? Call us and we'll help with a refill

  • Locked out of your vehicle? We can help!

  • Roadside flat tire change

  • Private property tow

  • Note: we may subcontract with 3rd parties if we do not have the staff or equipment to handle your tow